7i Advisors, s.r.o. (limited) is a consultancy providing service in corporate development strategies, restructuring, acquisition, brokering of proprietary participation and various forms of corporate funding (from operations to investments to EU grant programmes).

We can broker funding for businesses in the form of business angels – besides finances, such investors also bring know-how and precious contacts into the company which can substantially speed up the sales of your products and services. We will find an investor for your interesting business plan or an established, innovative start-up. Also, we provide benchmarking and consultations in funding.

Our senior staff has rich and long-term experience in the above areas and  has implemented hundreds of projects.

Our corporate philosophy and working method are well represented by the “Seven I’s”:


We want to raise the value of our resources together with the resources of our clients by investing in interesting, developing projects


We support new ideas that create value for the whole society


We help improve the way projects work and make them more efficient to maximize the rise in value for our clients


We are open to new stimuli, ponder them and make efforts to integrate them into our projects


We appreciate education, ideas and the ability to implement them in practice


We respect individual freedom and individual abilities as a critical factor for project success

Interpersonal communication

The ability to communicate is the key indicator for us when investing in projects and collaborating with other partners