"Investors" in our terminology mean private individuals (or associations thereof), capable and willing to invest amounts from CZK 0.5 to 10 million into one project.

Toinvestors we offer a free project search (we charge our fee only in the moment the funding is executed), enquiring:

  • operational fundingthrough a loan (e.g. to cover cash-flow for implementing larger projects)
  • investment fundingthrough a loan (e.g. to purchase new equipment and technologies)
  • equity participationof a partner in the company (investment)

The service portfolio for investors includes:

  • search for project for investment
  • project preparation for presentation in standard form – business plan, investment offer
  • project evaluation by standard methodology and benchmarking against similar projects of similar size in the respective field
  • brokering of funding for a portion of the investment in the project (so-called leveraging)
  • comprehensive transaction provision (equity participation of an investor entering in the company)

Are you looking for an interesting return on your investment or do you want to fund a project? Click here or contact us directly.