Growing businesses or projects can be assessed by our experts. This assessment is free-of-charge (our fee applies only if the transaction actually happens) and usually involves the evaluation of your business plan and a meeting where we will ask you additional questions.

Following the assessment of your project, we can provide funding for your project from various sources:

  • operational fundingthrough a loan or bank loan (e.g. to cover cash-flow during the implementation of a larger project)
  • investment fundingthrough a loan or bank loan (e.g. to purchase new equipment and technologies)
  • equity participationof a partner in the company (funding investments in the form of business angels – this type of investor usually brings not only finances for your project, but firstly the experience with company management and contacts that can help to speed up the launch of your products on the market and/or synergy with other projects in which the business angel invested)


For growing companies we offer even more services:

  • search for operation or investment funding for established businesses
  • search for investor for equity participation in the company or project
  • project evaluation by standard methodology and benchmarking against similar projects of similar size in the respective field
  • preparation of strategy and business plan
  • preparation of project presentation to investors, assistance
  • comprehensive transaction provision (equity participation of an investor entering in the company)

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